Historic railroad bridge over the Kennebec River connecting Waterville and Winslow. (City of Waterville, Facebook)

Trains for Maine

State, federal and local efforts are underway to expand passenger rail linking Boston to Montreal through Portland, Lewiston, Augusta, Waterville, Bangor and Bethel in Maine’s western mountains. The reconstruction of this line is a valuable asset for people of Maine, connecting communities across our beautiful state and setting the stage for international passenger train service.

But to make this happen we need to build political will. We need allies: future passengers like our seniors who need transit alternatives, advocates who understand the devastation caused by auto emissions and residents who need reliable commuter transportation. It’s simple: We need you.

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Expanding Railways

The proposed passenger rail would initially run from Portland to Lewiston-Auburn area. Each stop will utilize existing rail infrastructure, resulting in low-cost additions to the railway. In the future, past the initial expansion, the project will aim to expand into Augusta, Waterville and Bangor.

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Green Transit Economy

The proposed passenger railway is part of an interurban light rail network running throughout Maine, owned by the state, which has gone unused for years. Revitalizing this rail network would result in decreased carbon emissions and increase access to housing, employment and entertainment options for working Mainers in Central and Southern Maine. If implemented, this plan would set Maine on a bold path forward.

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